Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 

Interested in open board positions? Contact us!

Mandy Evert

Hello Heritage!  My name is Mandy Evert… but there’s a solid chance your kids refer to me as the “Prize Cart Lady”.  I have been involved with PTO in varying capacities since my oldest went off to Kindergarten in 2020, holding a position on the Board during the 21/22 school year.  

Similar to so many within our Heritage boundary lines, I’m a full time working parent who juggles two kiddos at school and in activities.  I have been involved with BENSC, BAL and most recently added Girl  Scouts to the lineup since moving to Bennington in 2017.  I also admit that it’s my annoying voice and laugh that you hear on the Heritage Highlight videos, that is a pet project that is near and dear to my heart, to showcase the amazing aspects of Heritage!  


In that spirit, I believe that the PTO functions to equally support the students, teachers and administration at the school and the ALL families that we serve.  In the President role, I aim to foster a similar sense of community, transparency and responsibility in PTO that I do in my personal life.  Learn more about Mandy here.

Molly Weston
Co-Vice President

 Hello Heritage families!!!!  My name is Molly Weston.    I have been involved with PTO in varying   capacities the last couple of years— serving as a co vice president for the 20/21 and 21/22 school   years.  And helping out in the classrooms as a room parent volunteer since we moved to Heritage in   2019.   

 About me— I work full time doing ultrasound at Creighton/Bergan Hospital.    Charlie (my husband)   and I have three kiddos- Machele, who will be a freshman and starting high school next year. Barron,   who is finishing up third grade here at Heritage.   And Emalie, who will be four and starting preschool   at Legacy in the fall. Pssstt- she’s the wild one I’m always chasing all over when you see me out!?

When I’m not at work you can find me cheering at the flag football games on Sundays, driving my girls to dance classes and competitions, or even sharing my love for animals and produce out at Pam Nelson Farm in Valley, NE.  
I believe that the PTO is a collaborative supporter for the students, teachers, administration and the wonderful families in the community!  Learn more about Molly here.

April Reineman
Co-Vice President

 Hello Heritage families! I am April Reineman. I am a early childhood director in Elkhorn. In my personal   life I am lucky to be married to a great man and we have 3 boys, each at a different stage of life. I sat on   the board this year as the member-at-large. I am going to be transparent, I was not super helpful since I   was not entirely sure what the role was, but now we have defined it clearly.


 As the year has progressed, I have enjoyed helping the board define each roll for the board. In addition,   it has been exciting to see how the board progressed through this building year. We all need to work   hard to move forward. Whether I sit on board or not, I can't wait to help Heritage Elementary support, listen, and treat all the teachers with respect they have earned. After all, the PTO is about connecting the teacher's needs with community.

Lindsay Sears

 My family moved to Bennington in 2018, and we have one daughter who is currently in Kindergarten
 at Heritage Elementary. 


 I was involved in the PTO this year by attending meetings and updating the PTO notes for the weekly
 school newsletter.  I am excited about the opportunity to join the PTO Board as Secretary so that I
 can serve and support the teachers, staff, and families that make up the Heritage Elementary
 community.  I   am proud to be a part of this community and look forward to helping it grow and

Susie Frye

 Hello heritage family's! My name is Susie Frye. I work full time as a contractor for the VA. I'm married to   Randy and we have two beautiful children Jayden and Lizzy. Jayden will be in 5th grade and Lizzy will be   a 1st grader!


 I am the current treasurer and have enjoyed helping our wonderful teachers and parents so we could   have a great year. Our year has been about rebuilding and creating a PTO that all parents feel welcome!   We have seen more and more parents show up and have loved meeting everyone! I'm looking forward to having a great 2023-2024 school year!

Marcy Clark

 My name is Marcy Clark.  I have 3 children, my oldest is in 2nd grade, Elise, and my
 son is 2,   and my youngest, is 2 months old.  I currently stay home with my kids but
 up until this school   year I was teaching in Omaha for 9 years.  I taught science,
 mostly Chemistry, and math at the   middle and high level.


 I am running for Co-Treasurer and Co-Volunteer Coordinator. Being a former
 teacher and still one at heart, I understand the importance of transparency and
 communication with financials and the connection between school and home.  Those are vital pieces for students to succeed.  I have seen a positive and refreshing atmosphere at Heritage in the last few months and I would like to be a part of helping that continue.  Learn more about Marcy here

Leila King
Outreach Coordinator

My name is Leila. I moved to Omaha in 2019 from San Diego. No job or family brought us here, just my rent went up so the husband and I quit our jobs and drove east. We fell in love with the peacefulness of Nebraska and brought our house in Bennington. We absolutely love it here and want to build strong connections and roots. I am very excited to join the volunteer coordinator and meet new people

Heather Chaney
Co-Member At Large

 Hello Heritage!  My name is Heather Chaney. My husband and I have lived in the Heritage
 neighborhood since 2016.  We have a fifth grader and a second grader.  I have been active with
 the PTO and as room parent for the past five years.  I also served this past year on the PTO
 board as Secretary.  I feel passionately that the PTO is an important part of the school, helping
 support the school staff and providing opportunities for our students.  I also currently work at
 Bennington Middle School and love our district.  I am looking forward to helping make the
 23/24 school year a great one! 


Ashely Ostendorf
Co-Member At Large

Hello Heritage! I am Ashley Ostendorf and we live in the Heritage neighborhood.  I have a fifth grader and soon to be students of Heritage (currently 3 and 8 months).  To me, PTO is so important for community and engagement by being there for our children and teachers, while making it a fun atmosphere! 


I am a Senior Program Director for the YMCA's, so community and outreach is what I do daily! I am so excited for the 23/24 school year!